New Weezer Album Releases on April Fool's

1 April 2016

By Musanica Staff

For the forth time since Weezer hit the music scene in 1994 they have yet again used Weezer as the title. We feel that its not lack in creativity, but the fact that only once in while does a band actually come around with a really cool name. The Blue Album hit the scene in 1994 with catchy songs like Undone - The Sweater Song and Say It Ain't So. Who doesn't remember those great songs? Fast forward to 2001 and Weezer releases the Green Album, the pinnacle of nerd punk as Hash Pipe and Island In The Sun played on every rock radio station. 2008 brought the Red Album and Pork and Beans. Now its 2016 and after 3 albums (Raditude, Hurley and Everything Will Be Alright In The End) Weezer stikes again with the White Album. Three amazing singles released from the album, Thank God For The Girls, Do You Wanna Get High? and King of the World late last year and earlier this year, and just like the other colored albums this one is sure to bring a smile to your face.

We are positive that Weezer will strike again with another self titled release in a few more years, but in the mean time we will enjoy the past, blast this album and look forward to what comes next. And when that next self titled album comes again we will blare that one too. Only questions is... what color will they use next? Our guess is black. Happy Weezering everyone!

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