About Us

Musanica is first and foremost is a database. Behind all the glitz and glam is programming nuts and bolts. We are building the most extensive entertainment database for the music industry, connecting the puzzle pieces from band to band, band to artist and everything inbetween. But Musanica is more than that, its a social media experience for everyone that uses the site, from bands, musicians, and the fans... Musanica is where everyone comes to find out the latest music news and happenings.

So what is Musanica? Think of your favorite band, who's in it? Who sings, who plays the guitar, bass, or drums? Are those current musicians the original members or was there ever another musician that now plays in another band? Musanica tracks all that! The web of information that makes up the music industry can all be found here. Bands, Artists, Albums, Songs, Concerts, Record Labels, Awards, the list goes on and on. But even more than that, Musanica is in the process of expanding its database, we're not only covering today's current entertainers, we are compiling data from the past. Musanica's desire is to have complete information available for all bands from all periods of time. If Moses was in a band Musanica will know who he rocked out with. And that's not just mainstream bands, that's all bands and artists. Whether a band fills stadiums with fans, plays cover songs in Vegas lounges, rocks out in a garage or performs at weddings, Musanica will have it all, we invite all to submit their information Click Here, we want it!

Musanica is more than that though, its a platform for artists to socially showcase their music and news. From concert dates and new album releases to introducing members in the band, Musanica provides Band, Artist, Album and Song profile pages to showcase this information and advertise it. Musanica gives access to homepage design changes for a bands Special Event, called "Band Take Over Week" Click Here. This gives bands and artists front row advertising potential by redesigning the homepage for whatever is happening.

We invite all to use Musanica, enjoy it. We are sure having fun putting this gazillion piece puzzle together! And if you want to help or know of bands that need to be added to the list please submit the information!


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